My Son Alan is born

On August 23rd, 1975 my wife Brenda and I welcomed our son Alan into the world. I was still in the Navy and still stationed at Port Hueneme in Southern California. Brenda my wife and I rented a small appartment on A street just off the naval base in Oxnard California.

In the wee hours of August the 23rd 1975 my wife Brenda woke me up. Her water had just broke. It was time to make the trip to the hospital.

I knew which hospital to take Brenda too. However I had never been there. I had no idea where the hospital was. I layed down a sheet in my van and helped Brenda in and she laid down on the sheet. I wanted the sheet in place in case she made a mess, in case anything leaked out. I did not want to mess up the carpet in the van. Brenda was not amused at my logic. However she went alone with it.

I drove into town but still could not find the hospital. I was beginning to worry. I wished that I had located the hospital weeks before. Why didn’t I? Sweat began to beed up on my forehead as I frantically searched for the hospital. All this time Brenda is moaning and crying out as she lay on the sheet in the van.

Well I finally found the hospital and got Brenda inside and the nurse took her to the labor room. While I was with her in the labor room Brenda told me to get out! She said “Look what you have done! Get out!” I was shocked. However I got out and waited in the waiting room.

Presently the nurse came in and “It’s a boy. You can come see.” I followed the nurse and looked through the glass at my boy. My sweet bundle of joy! After looking at him for awhile I went to see Brenda again. She smiled up at me. And asked if I had see him yet. I said “Yes.” She was no longer mad at me. Her anger had passed.

I left the hospital to go back home. I was still in the navy and had duties to perform. As I got in me car I noticed that my tape deck had been stolen. It was gone and all the wires were neatly tied up. The robber was a neat robber and had made a neat job of his robbery.

After a few days both my wife and my new son were released. I picked them up at the hospital and returned home. I was so in love with Brenda and my new son Alan.

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