A fall through the ice and unexpected help

It was the winter of 1960. Cold and lots of snow. I was headed home alone from kindergarten.  We always took a shortcut through the Beaumont Drive retention pond, on the way home to Jono Road.

You would think that the ice on the pond was thick enough to carry a small boy, but this year must have been a warm year. I headed out across the pond, and halfway there the ice cracked, and I fell in! Cold!! OMG!!..

I have maybe ½ mile to get home so I pulled myself out of the hole and before  I could get to my feet I was lifted up. I looked up in astonishment to see the face of David Habenicht. He said nothing as he carried me, cold, and wet the rest of the way home. He was not as bad as his brother Greg said he was.

2 thoughts on “A fall through the ice and unexpected help

  1. David Pulled me out Cheri. I can’t even remember him being there. It was a surprise to me when his strong arms pulled me out. It was a wonder he did not fall in too! I am very grateful!


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