Matey Bubble Bath Camera Offer

There was a bubble bath back in the early 60s called “Matey”. On the box was a coupon to get a matey camera. All I had to do was send in 3 coupons and 3 dollars to get the camera.

I asked my mom if I could get one. She said “Well. That’s a lot of money Jim. We will see.” 3 dollars was a lot of money back then. Mom talked it over with dad and they agreed that I could get the camera.  Well as you can imagine, I was the cleanest kid in town. I would sometimes take 2 baths in one day, so I would use up the bubble bath quicker.

Dad and me

A picture of my dad and I taken with the Matey Bubble Bath camera

When the 3 boxes of bubble bath was gone mom  helped me mail out the coupons and the check for 3 dollars. I would check the mailbox daily, and in about 2 weeks it came! I was a happy shutterbug!

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