My Best Friend Carol!

My best friend Carol and I loved to dress up in our parents clothes. All kids did this when they are young. Also we would play a game we called “turnpike”. If you have ever been on a turnpike, you know that you stopped at a booth, when you got on the turnpike and received a ticket. That way they would know where you got on, and how much to pay when you got off.

Well we made out own tickets, packed our suitcases, got dressed up in my parents clothes, got on our bikes, and took off down Jono road to far away places. Each mailbox was a toll station. We would put rocks into the mailboxes to pay our tolls, then off to the next “toll booth”. Quite a few rocks were put in the mailboxes that day and many after. And there were consequences. One day dad came to me and admonished me not to put any more rocks into the mailboxes. I think he was chewed out by the postman. Sigh. More about Carol later.