More of the Very Early Years

The year was 1957. We were all together in the living room at 100 Jono Road.   The black and white TV was on. Dad was laying on the couch. I was now walking so I was making my rounds from the kitchen back to the living room. I was deep in play.

I then walked over to dad and for some reason, in my very small child mind, I wanted a bite of dad’s hair. Dad was relaxing on the living room couch with his head on the armrest. So I proceeded to toddle over to dads head, which was just at the right height for my small stature, and took a great big bite of his hair! (This was when dad had hair) Blah! The taste was horrible and I started to gag immediately! Most of the taste came from the brill cream he used at the time.  It was so nasty, and I remember mom whisking me away to wash out my mouth, and settle me down. I think Dad just smiled and chuckled .


Dad and I would have a “drink”, a few hours before bed time, most evenings. He would have his drink which he called “gogels” and my drink we called “more”. Let me explain. When drink time arrived, dad would say to me “Do you want a drink?”. I would then say “Yes!”, and we would head for the kitchen. The kitchen had wormwood cabinets, lots of light and a tile floor. There was a small rug in front of of the kitchen sink. I would kneel down on the rug and dad would hand me a glass of “more” which was actually ginger ale, and he would have his drink too with his special flavoring in it. I would drink mine and look up at dad.  Dad would say “more?” and I would say “more please!” And that is how my drink was called “more”.



In October of 1957 when Russia Launched Sputnik. The space race was on. I remember going out in the yard with Dad, as he gazed into the sky to see the bright light go by. This period of time, and well into the 1960’s held my interest, and had a deep impact on me then, and well into the future. This was a very exciting time, especially for a kid! Imagine! Mankind leaving Earth for the first time! And later landing on the Moon! WOW! This is why I love science and technology so much. I know I will never fly into space. However, I am very proud to be a part of the generation that did! Oh and by the way. I never knew if dad saw that bright light in the sky, as Sputnik flew in its orbit overhead. I would like to think he did.

3 thoughts on “More of the Very Early Years

  1. I havent figured out yet how to go from one part of the story to the next installment, but I will. Did your dad plaster his hair with ‘Brylcreem’ …..that would account for the bad taste in your mouth.

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