The Very Early Years

This is the year I was born. May 12th of 1955. There are a few things that stand out in my memory. I remember a nurse. Must have been where I was born in Battle Creek Michigan. She was a large woman. I remember the seams on her stocking. Strange huh? I also remember my mothers robe. My Dad’s rocking chair that had the scrolled armrests. I remember eating a drumstick. I remember riding in the car laying in the back seat, and watching the lights at night race across the car ceiling, as the car passed under street lights.  I remember some of the features of the home we lived in on 100 Jono road. The wormwood kitchen cabinets. The black tile in the bathroom. Also the opacity of the block window in the bathroom wall. And the heating registers near the baseboard on the walls of the house. It was very happy times. It was a good time to be a baby. It was post WW2 and post Korea. Things were looking up for a grain-miller, and his wife.

Mom and Dad both worked at Kellogg’s of Battle Creek (Best to you each morning!) We never ate anything else when at came to breakfast cereal, but Kellogg’s products. Dad said “We get our income from Kellogg’s. So we eat only Kellogg’s products!” And that was that. Dad made OK’s. Product 19, and fruit loops. The only time I got to taste other cereals was when I stayed over at friends houses for the night. More on that later.


I was lying is a semi-dark room. In hindsight, the most likely room would be the living room, on the couch at 100 Jono road. This is very very early in my life. I would guess under 1 years of age. So you can understand, that things may be a bit foggy. I remember people walking around, and faces coming close to my face. It was a happy time. I looked up and out of what must have been a window, and saw the thin crescent of a moon. I stared at it for some time, and reached my hand out for it.

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