Memories of a Baby Boomer

Memories of a baby boomer. – Dedicated to my wife. Thank you Susie for stimulating my memories and for being my gentle, understanding, and tolerant partner and friend.


A bit about me. I am the only child of a grain miller and a cereal packer. I had a very good childhood, and was spoiled rotten on account of being an only child. When anything happened, I  could not blame it on a sibling. The finger was always pointed at me.  Dad had a nickname for me. Bolivar Shag-nasty. I believe he got that name from his barber. Over the years, we visited the Suburban barber shop often. I do not recall the barbers name. He was a beatnik. I liked most foods except turnips and cabbage. I loved grits! Dad was born in the south so I got that from him.

I had a wonderful childhood. My parents loved me and I loved  them.

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