Memories of a Baby Boomer

Memories of a baby boomer. – Dedicated to my wife. Thank you Susie for stimulating my memories and for being my gentle, understanding, and tolerant partner and friend.


I hope you enjoy these memories of my life as I take you back to an earlier time. A time when things were simpler. I will take you back in time to my earliest memories.  Toys, holidays, schools and the anxiety of moving and making new friends. Stories of family life. Of friends, and adventures. Of growing up and military service.  Of love lost and love found. Of the good. The bad. And the ugly. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed remembering these events and putting my thoughts into words.

A bit about me. I am the only child of a grain miller and a cereal packer. I had a very good childhood, and was spoiled rotten on account of being an only child. When anything happened, I  could not blame it on a sibling. The finger was always pointed at me.  Dad had a nickname for me. Bolivar Shag-nasty. I believe he got that name from his barber who watched Red Skeleton on TV. Over the years, we visited the Suburban barber shop often. I do not recall the barbers name. He was a beatnik. I liked most foods except turnips and cabbage. I loved grits! Dad was born in the south so I got that from him.

I had a wonderful childhood. My parents loved me and I loved  them.

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